Albert Dweck

The goal of this piece is to provide a review of Duke Properties’ founder (Albert Dweck’s) success in the actual business model for real estate.

Duke is the owner and manager of several hundred properties within The Duke manages and owns several properties in the New York metropolitan region. Investors have always seen remarkable returns on their investments since Albert Dweck owns properties within 90 miles of New York City. His clients are always impressed by his professionalism and honesty, and integrity of Albert Dweck.

Albert Dweck

Duke Properties was founded and was headed by Albert Dweck. His duties include managing every aspect of Duke Properties’ real estate operations. This includes planning, acquisition financing, leasing, marketing, and sales. He has overseen over 40 realty partnerships and over 500 entities under his control across the North Eastern United States since 2001. In 1994 the year 1994, Dweck graduated from the Stern School of Business 1994. Dweck graduated from The Stern School of Business with an Associate of Science degree in Marketing. Japan’s Sanno Institute of Management provided students with a comprehensive education in management and business in 1993. Albert holds a real estate investment and finance certificate from NYU SCPS and is a licensed real estate broker. Harvard Online Business School awarded a Strategy Execution certificate to Albert in 2021.

Albert was an ex-professor in the Real Estate Institute at NYU SCPS. Duke Properties has been delivering investors the highest returns for the last two decades through acquiring and acquiring real estate within 90 miles of New York City and optimizing the property’s value. We are a multi-family residential real estate company that manages and owns several hundred apartments throughout the New York metropolitan area.

Focus on Multi-Family

Albert Dweck’s investment focus lies on multi-family properties, specifically rental apartments. The long-term rental housing track record is a steady income and outstanding performance as an investment. The current surge in demand from tenants is the result of favorable demographics. Multi-family acquisitions offer opportunities that can be monetized using different strategies, such as asset rehabilitation and institutional management, as well as creative recapitalization and repair of assets. We currently own more than 500 multi-family apartments in 30 different properties, with the majority located in New York and New Jersey.

NEW Neighborhoods

Albert Dweck’s strategy involves investing in emerging New York City neighborhoods. These neighborhoods are at the initial stages of development or are set to experience rapid expansion in amenities, housing, and other amenities. These neighborhoods are experiencing thrilling shifts each day. We have invested in Brooklyn neighborhoods such as Bushwick, Crown Heights, Bushwick, Ridgewood, Queens, Harlem, and Hamilton Heights. It’s a satisfying part of Albert Dweck’s career to create these communities.


Assets that have less than 35 employees are typically Albert Dweck’s goal. Sometimes, we target assets with as few as 6 teams. Dweck. Dweck is interested in properties with a value lower than $25 million.

Albert Dweck needs to invest time, money, and energy to improve and increase its value significantly. Although big companies might have the money, they’re not always willing to commit the time and energy required to conduct smaller transactions. Many small-scale operators lack the resources, time, energy, and know-how to sustain the profitability of their business. A significant portion of the private and public funds are searching for larger deals (at least $20 million), which puts upward pressure on the costs of more significant properties and creates market inefficiencies for smaller properties.

The latter can be Albert Dweck’s primary focus. Expertly trained operators and investors for multi-family properties with smaller sizes within New York City neighborhoods.

The mission of Albert Dweck

Duke Properties creates safe, prosperous, and happy communities with that residents connect.


Persistent and determined in achieving results and achieving Albert Dweck’s dream.

    • Innovative
    • Innovative problem solving requires flexibility
    • Responsible, strategic, and thorough
    • Honest, reliable, and accountable

Collaboration and Teamwork: Work with Albert Dweck’s vendor’s employees and investors.

Loyalty is the commitment to fulfill Albert Dweck’s promises.

Last Thoughts

In Duke Properties, Albert Dweck’s principal objective is to invest in intelligent properties. Duke Properties provides its clients with the highest returns possible by investing in imaginative and sophisticated properties. Duke Properties offers its clients a dependable and safe investment by keeping them updated about financial data and being prepared for changes. Duke Properties will soon prosper by adopting a long-term investing strategy and diversifying global assets.